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Alu Cover

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Alu Cover

All products made of Gecot aluminum resin fiber are 100% recyclable

New conception technical bench with aluminum surface designed for those who need a light but robust loading bed.

Covered with thermally bonded aluminum top, without the use of rivets. Alu Cover is built with 30 x 18 mm profile and has a special perimeter frame, which acts as a cover for protection.

Size Customize

Size Standard
50x150x65 cm
50x150x80 cm
60x150x65 cm
60x150x80 cm
80x150x65 cm
80x150x80 cm
100x150x65 cm
100x150x80 cm
120x150x65 cm
120x150x80 cm
100x200x65 cm
100x200x80 cm
120x200x65 cm
120x200x80 cm   

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