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The market

  • The market

    Leaving home early in the morning and always facing a new day of work acting proactively while the other people are sleeping. Running into the rain, the snow, the freeze over or a sunny sunrise is what turns your job into a great experience daily: a lifestyle that is often handed down from father to son and it gets its energy from a deep inner passion.

    Offerring a unique products, impossible to find elsewhere, giving super competitive prices, making customers of all kind very welcome, among half-heard voices, people rummaging,
    animated discussions and discounts are all parts of a sort of ritual which helps to create that magic atmosphere that only the trading is able to give.

    A unique and natural atmosphere that neither the best architect nor the best set designer will ever repeat; a context you can live nowadays thanks to your sacrifices and which makes you proud to practice what is considered one of the oldest jobs: THE MARKET

    Salvatore Cozzolino


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