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Gazebo Sloping Silvertend

The Sloping gazebo is an alternative variant of the Silvertend model in a pagoda version.
Thanks to its awnings, it allows to extend the perimetric coverage without increasing the base size, improving coverage capacity of your gazebo and visibility from far away.

– Adaptable to all gazebo sizes
– Made with waterproof fabric and reinforced finishes
– With multiple accessories
– Customizable with company logo and colors

Its structure made of high-thickness anodized aluminum allows the gazebo to preserve both lightness and solidiity. Its feet made of triangle-shaped section die-cast aluminum further enhance its stability.

Thanks to the connective elements made of nylon, the spacers between the profiles and the covering of the supporting legs, protection from accidental damage is guaranteed, both for the fabric of the contacts with the internal sliding mechanisms and for the hands.

Its PA fabric is waterproof and boasts reinforced finishes.
The assembly is safe and simplified thanks to the safety buttons that allow the profiles to be blocked during both the opening and closing phases.


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